Hi my name is Christian Nel, I am a self-motivated, result oriented blogger, web developer and a technology enthusiast. I pride myself in finding new ways of doing old things and even new things. I’m solution driven and problem solving is my second nature; from either helping my mother learn simpler ways of preparing meals ingredients, to finding exciting ways to operate a complicated software.

My foray into the tech industry came from a natural love and curiosity for stripping things down and learning how they function or operate.  I’m always out to improve processes, with a burning passion for building systems, networks, blogging and working with software.

I consider myself to be an adventurous, yet a cautious optimistic. My friends say that’s being a borderline pessimist, but I’ll settle for the former.  Known for my ability to multi task and juggle multiple projects simultaneously, meeting all deadlines. This has taught me how to manage, distribute and maximize resource efficiently.

I live by the mantra; what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. If it isn’t so stark obvious, permit me to tag myself a resilient human.  Resilience, perseverance and smart work are some of my core values and guiding principles.

I especially enjoy working with WordPress, Linux, and Cisco Networks.

Personal development is an endless journey, I strife to improve my skill sets, which include; communication, writing, networking, people management and critical thinking.

I believe technology is the most powerful and unifying tool that can be used to alter every aspect of our lives for the better. Innovation is a powerful driving force of our modern day world.

When I’m not too busy trying to save the world; I enjoy reading, travelling, good conversations over a bottle of wine, complemented by a great meal. Contributing on IT blogs and online communities is one of my favorite indulgences, likewise lending my time and resource to worthy charitable causes or events.